Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra Acoustic Guitar

Product image 1Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra Acoustic Guitar
Product image 2Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra Acoustic Guitar
Product image 3Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra Acoustic Guitar
Product image 4Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra Acoustic Guitar
Product image 5Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra Acoustic Guitar

Regular price $299.99

Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra EEPUNACH1 Acoustic Guitar:

The Pro-1 Ultra has all of the great features of the Pro-1, but the Ultra also has a built in pickup system as well. Ready to be plugged in and played live or acoustically, this guitar can be plugged into any size PA or amplfier. The Pro-1 Ultra features the Shadow Performer HD preamp which runs to a NanoFlex pickup system. The preamp features a 3-Band EQ, volume control, built-in tuner, and phase button to help cancel out unwanted feedback that can occur in amplified acoustics. The NanoFlex is the same pickup that is used in Epiphone's top of the line Masterbilt guitars. Featuring a Solid Spruce top, this guitar is sure to sound great, and only get better with time. 


The Pro-1 Ultra was designed by the experts at Epiphone to be easy to play and affordable, and to be a great first guitar for the beginner. With and easy to play design, and overall great tone for the price this guitar is hard to beat. So many features were put into this guitar including:

  • Non-Fatigue Neck: with Epiphone's new EZ-Profile neck, it is designed to prevent your hands from cramping while playing chords and melodies.
  • Easy Fretting: Epiphone installed Jumbo frets which are taller and wider, making it alot easier to press down the strings to meet the frets for full clear tone, and minimize buzzing.
  • Shorter, Easier Scale Length: Scale length, being the distance from the but to the saddle, on this guitar has been shortened to make the strings feel "looser" by giving them less tension, thus making this guitar even easier to play, all while maintaining good tone.
  • Low Friction Playing: Epiphone's PRO-Ease string and fingerboard coating makes playing much more easier, sleek, and smooth which minimizes friction while playing, thus making it even easier to play, and reducing unwanted string noise.
  • Light Gauge Strings=Less pain: Shipped with a lighter gauge string to help prevent the strings from painfully digging into your fingertips, making playing feel like a dream, even after extended practice time.
  • LOW Action: Lower factory action, meaning the distance between the fretboard and the strings, is lowered from the factory, decreasing the distance needed to push the strings down to help newer players get used to the shapes and feel of playing first, without simultaneously adding the strain of cramped fingers.
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