Seymour Duncan Woody SA-3SC Pickup

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Seymour Duncan Woody SA-3SC Pickup

The Seymour Duncan Woody SA 3SC is a single coil high-quality pickup that boasts a classy and slim body design. The Woody SA 3SC delivers a clear and bright tone and is fully feedback resistant thanks to a vacuum wax potting and an epoxy surround. Much like the majority of Woody pickups, this model is housed in hand-polished maple. We are dealing with a quick-mount passive pickup with moderate output that is a perfect match for every musician in pursuit of a bright and mellow tone.

This Seymour Duncan pickup delivers a rich and warm tone with zero 60-cycle hum, making it very suitable both for fast-paced guitar chord strumming and delicate finger-style picking. Also included in the mix is a quality 14' cable. The pickup is capable of working with basically any guitar amp, although acoustic guitar models are preferred. It can also be plugged directly into the PA system or any working mixing console. The is a high-quality product with great reliability and durability. A list of detailed specs and features is available below.

Seymour Duncan Woody SA-3SC Pickup Features:

Quick-mount, passive, magnetic soundhole pickup
Single coil
Moderate output
Housed in maple cover and double potted
Warm and rich tone with no 60-cycle hum
Great for strumming and delicate fingerstyle playing
Includes studio-quality 14' cable
Works with any guitar amplifier (acoustic guitar amp preferred), or plugged directly into P.A. systems or mixing consoles

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